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WakeMeSki In The News!

Mentioned as one of the 5 best Skiing/Snowboarding Mobile Apps by Trail's Edge.

After starting the WakeMeSki application you are initially directed to the main preferences page. Each preference is (hopefully) self-explanatory.

You will typically want to set a ski resort to watch, set a wakeup time and enable the alarm (through the Alarm Settings preference) in order to complete initial configuration of the application.

Clicking on the "Resorts" preference will allow you to select the region/resort you'd like to monitor. Select a region first, then a resort within the region.

Once you've selected an initial resort, clicking the "Resorts" preference will display your selected resorts and wake up preference.

The "Snow Settings" dialog lets you configure the level of snowfall required before a wake-up alarm should ring.

The "Alarm Settings" dialog lets you configure your alarm including Wake-up Time, Wake-up Days and Wake-up Tone settings.

Select "My Report" preference to check connectivity and test your current resort and snow settings. The picture below shows a default report

Each resort is displayed in the report list along with fresh snow totals and current weather conditions.

Press a resort entry to go to a page with detailed ski report and weather forecast information.

After configuration is complete the application will check current snow conditions for each resort at the scheduled wake-up time. If resort 24 hour snowfall exceeds the value set in "Snow Settings" the alarm will ring to wake you up in time for fresh powder!